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Pure Pain Solutions is a service of TWC. TWC was established in 2005 and is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) as a 503A compounding pharmacy. TWC provides patients with the highest quality compounded preparations pursuant to a patient-specific prescription. Quality, compliance, and customer service are top priorities at TWC. TWC meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by USP <797>. TWC follows stringent quality control practices at every step of our prescription fulfillment process to provide the highest quality product.



Our cleanroom at TWC is ISO validated and USP <797> compliant. Certification of our cleanroom and compounding equipment is performed semi-annually. We exceed USP <797> environmental monitoring standards by performing surface sampling weekly, personnel sampling daily, and viable air sampling monthly. This protects our patients and allows us to provide the highest quality preparations.


At TWC, only licensed and experienced pharmacists are permitted to compound sterile products. Our pharmacists are highly trained in aseptic processing using third-party training programs and extensive in-house training. TWC provides continual pharmacist and support staff training and competency evaluations to ensure the highest qualified personnel.


TWC is a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy. PCAB accreditation in combination with the pharmacy’s commitment to continuous compliance significantly reduces the risk associated with compounding medications and demonstrates a commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for quality and safety. TWC meets and exceeds standards set forth by USP <797>. TWC has both internal and external audits to continually evaluate and improve our QA processes. TWC utilizes multiple validation checks during prescription fulfillment to further assure accuracy. TWC uses powders from only FDA-registered manufacturers that are USP grade.


Customer service is a top priority at TWC. It is our commitment to deliver our providers and patients superior customer service and the utmost personal attention.

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